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Artificial Skin

Professor Andi uses Integra dermal regeneration templates in selected cases which may benefit from artificial skin.

When the  INTEGRA® Template is placed on a wound where diseased or scarred skin has been removed, INTEGRA provides the needed framework for the blood vessels and dermal skin cells to re-grow into a new skin layer.

The silicone outer layer temporarily closes the wound to ward off infection and control fluid and heat loss.

As skin cells migrate into the matrix the collagen is slowly absorbed into the body and replaced with protein that is naturally produced by the skin. In approximately 14 to 21 days, new dermal skin is produced and the silicone layer can be removed. A thin skin graft of the person’s epidermis may be applied to the wound area to complete the procedure.

In total, the two surgical procedures are typically completed within 30 days and you will be left with flexible growing skin and minimal damage at the skin graft donor sites.

Sequence of Treatment


DAY 0:

The lesion or scar contracture is assessed and evaluated

DAY 1:

The wound is cleaned and the disseased tissue or contracture scar completely excised (removed) down to viable tissue in preparation for the application of the INTEGRA® Template

DAY 1:

INTEGRA® Template is applied to the excised wound bed. Fluids invade the matrix within minutes of application, adhering it to the wound.

DAY 7-14:

Dermal cells begin migrating into the matrix and establish a new vascular network. As healing progresses, the
collagen (protein) in the INTEGRA® Template is replaced by collagen organically produced by new dermal
skin cells.

DAY 21+:

Upon formation of a new dermal layer, the INTEGRA silicone layer is removed. The INTEGRA collagen template biodegrades and is absorbed into the body, leaving new dermal skin.

DAY 21+:

A thin 0.004 – 0.006 in. (0.1016 – 0.1524 mm) epidermal autograft is applied over the new dermal skin

DAY 25-56:

Successful engraftment completes the procedure yielding a permanent and lasting wound closure

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